This morning our Kindle arrived via courier. Fresh from the States. In’s distinctive packaging. With that lovely American smell. Ahhhh.

David’s been doing a lot of reading lately. Usually it’s print-outs of PDFs downloaded from the web. He has a collection of grey ring-binders of pages and pages that he has read or plans to read.

So we did a bit of research and discovered the Kindle DX was now available for Australian customers (A$590 all up, since you asked). With a larger screen than its older sibling, it’s an electronic display for books and periodicals.

Kindle, February 2010
Our Kindle arrived within five working days after ordering it from

We’ve spent the whole day purchasing titles and researching how to convert and transfer files. Learning how to navigate the Kindle has been exhausting for both of us, and we have both been amazed at the technology and frustrated by its limitations.

Nevertheless, David’s settling into bed with it now, and I’m determined to send all the ugly ring-binders back down to the shed. We’re happy enough with our new toy tool, and keen to start reading more!

Of course, I’m not in the States, so I don’t know what sort of puns you’ve been subjected to in the course of’s marketing campaigns for their electronic book reader. So you’ll forgive me for the title of this post, won’t you?