Was it two lanterns if the British were coming by sea or was it by land? I forget…

Anyhow, tonight, I got pictures of the friends I was out with. Two by lantern light and one with electric light. It’s a wonderful ambiance to photograph, and I wish I could have experimented more with the camera.

However, people do tend to get a little suspicious when I pull out the camera, and I try to be inconspicuous and play down the world-wide-webness of their soon-to-be-published portraits. So I only took a few photos with which I can remember the evening with my lady friends.

Yes, it was a pleasant evening, but the best part was after the night was over.

After the Mexican food, after the visit to the ice cream parlour, after we discussed babies, crying-it-out, losing weight, budgeting and clothes-shopping. After we said goodbye and headed to our cars, C and I discovered we were parked next to each other.

We chatted for a while, covering topics ranging from parenting to theological issues. It was great to really share openly in a reciprocal conversation. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a good heart-to-heart.

When we finally said good-night, we realised we had been chatting for an extra two hours! What a blessing that extra time was for me!