The heat of summer does seem to be easing, but every time I make a mental note of how it’s cooling down, we seem to have another scorching day. (So blame me for the weather, folks!)

We headed to the pool this afternoon to cool off. Our local pool is a very under-used public resource. Each time we go, we try to find someone to talk to and connect with, and our girls are also learning to make friends as well.

David, Brioni, 3yo, + Calista, 23 months old, February 2010
Cali is pretty confident in her float suit but likes to stay close to us anyway.

Calista, 22 months old, Aisha, 5yo, David, Brioni, 3yo, + D, February 2010
A gregarious little 5yo girl approached ours and started talking.

D, Aisha, 5yo, + Brioni, 3yo, February 2010
Soon all three girls were playing on the far side of the pool. They made up some game whereby Brioni was a crocodile, so I think Aisha may have deliberately chosen to ally herself with her new friend instead of her sister.

Delaney, 8 weeks old, February 2010
Delaney slept peacefully poolside...

Delaney, 8 weeks old, February 2010
... or not.

David and I chatted with the girls’ 5yo friend’s father. He and his wife only have one child, and it was just interesting to note how his perspective was more narrow because he has only experienced one personality growing up in the house. They are Kiwis — New Zealanders who moved here four years ago.

There are so many New Zealanders over here. Many cross the Tasman because the work opportunities and lifestyle options are greater in Australia.

It seems like we are going against the tide to try to make the move the other way. We’re not looking at the future with the hope of making big bucks — we just want to settle down somewhere quiet and wean ourselves off our dependence on fossil fuels.

Occasionally I find other bloggers based in rural New Zealand who have made the same lifestyle move. They come from Scotland or England, occasionally from the U.S. or Canada.

I’ve been bookmarking all the sites I can find. It’s great to know that we’ll have other pioneers to lean on when we do get around to “jumping the ditch”. If you have any sites you think I should know about, please leave a comment!