Lauren + Aisha, 5yo, February 2010
Aisha does tend to settle in, lounging length-wise along whomever she's feeling affection to.

We’re settling in to our new way of life. Living clean. Tidying up. Putting things away.

And waiting for the phone to ring.

We’ve been advised that because we’re offering such a unique property, it may take several months for the right buyer to come along. So we’ve been mentally preparing ourselves to hang out here for a while (longer).

It’s easy for me — my job doesn’t really change whether we are here or somewhere else. I still cook, clean, wash and blog.

But David is starting to get very itchy. He’s been enjoying some dedicated times of reading and study, now he’s starting to say that he needs something to do.

Previously David has focused on his business, then on completing the house renovations, and now he’s left dangling. He’s time-rich without anything to spend it on.

So could you please join us in praying that something will come up for him?