Calista, 22 months, + Lauren, February 2010
Sometimes — when I'm working — it feels like someone's riding my back until I get the job done.

Calista, 22 months, February 2010
The weather lately has been perfect for gardening, so I've been out at the vegie patch, creating the illusion of a lush, productive space.

We’ve started to receive some calls about the house, and each one puts us into a mild panic (What do we have left to do?). At this point, I’m confident that the house is presentable as it is, although there are still jobs on the list that should be completed.

David, February 2010
David installed the "For Sale" sign out the front of the house today. It's a funny thing, but we both felt a bit embarrassed while doing so — as if we were exposing ourselves to the neighbours or something.

The saddest thing about keeping the house immaculate is that you lose perspective on what are other important things, like children laughing and playing (and inevitably making a mess).