Baby doll, January 2010
As I work around the house, I often find little things that make me smile.

David and I have been busy preparing the house for sale. Every day we’re up early (I set my Dell-alarm-clock) and we pack away, tidy up, clean, fix, paint and garden. The expression here is “flat out like a lizard drinking“. Yep, that’s us.

As a result, we haven’t been investing much one-on-one time into the children. (I was aghast when I thought back to how few books I’ve read to them over the last week or so.) We’ve even missed out on our weekly library trips!

Calista, 22 months, January 2010
After I explained I couldn't read the book to her, Calista climbed up next to a string of dolls to look at it by herself.

I get breaks throughout the day when I feed Baby Dell. I consider this “me-time”, however, and I find myself getting annoyed when a flock of daughters settles onto the arms and footstool of my feeding chair.

Other families may rely on TV or videos for times like these, but we don’t have a TV, and I’m reluctant to put the girls in front of the computer for baby-sitting purposes. Thankfully the girls manage to play happily together for most of the day, and we always come together for meal times.

Despite the apparent neglect, Calista has transitioned to using the toilet so I can pack the potty away before we start showing people through. (I have been trying to give her special times when putting her to bed and welcoming her back out of her room after sleeping times…)

So when we sat down this evening outside and looked at the moon, it was nice to devote some time to just playing with the girls. I had Blossom Dearie playing via Grooveshark, and the mood was chill.

Aisha, 4yo, January 2010
A princess with her parasol.

Brioni, 3yo, January 2010
Brioni was in the middle of a game of make-believe (with the moon in the background). She was inviting Aisha to ride with her in her car.

Early tomorrow morning, David’s heading off for a camping weekend with some mates. Which means that although there’s still stuff left to do, I can also slow down a little bit. That’ll be nice.