We’ve got such a good baby. Delaney has settled into our lives so well, feeds according to schedule and likes to watch her sisters play around her. I’ve experienced her smiling at me once — most of the time it’s just at random thoughts in her mind.

When I take her out, she’s very comfortable in the sling. When we went to the pool yesterday morning, Dell slept on the grass while we frolicked in the water.

Delaney, 4 weeks old, + Brioni, 3yo, January 2010
When Dell is having "play" time, I lie her down wherever the girls are playing so she gets accustomed to their voices. They love to coo over her, and Brioni enjoys dual cuddles with Dell and her blanket "Boolah".

But life hasn’t always been easy for my littlest girl. Yesterday, she was viciously attacked by a jealous sister.

Delaney, 4 weeks old, January 2010
Poor Dell's face was scratched up. (After I cleaned off the blood, it wasn't so tragic.)

My poor baby girl! I was shocked and horrified when I discovered her looking so bloody.

Measures have been taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again, including spending special time with the offender. (And Dell has forgotten anything happened to her and the scratches are healing.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how Delaney’s personality develops as she grows up. (And to see if she’ll sprout red hair like mine.) Grow up, baby — but not too fast!