David took me out on a date tonight. It was a “real” date — dinner and a movie. I can’t remember how long it’s been since we’ve done something like that.

I do know that it’s been about nine months since I last went to see a movie at the cinemas. One movie a year is about the right frequency for me. I find it hard to justify the money spent for an experience that can be duplicated in-home at a later time for a fraction of the cost.

A friend offered to babysit the girls for us. This invitation was extended before Delaney was born, but we didn’t really want to see anything at the movies. And with David+me dates such a rare occurrence, we couldn’t think of anything else to do!

But tonight was lovely. We left the three girls in good hands and took Dell with us. Going out with a newborn is almost as easy as going out without any children at all. (I doubt I thought that was true when I only had one child!)

Our first stop was a nice Indian restaurant — Tandoori chicken, lamb korma, garlic naan and a nice red wine — delicious! At the cinemas we watched (of course) Avatar.

David had seen Avatar earlier and really wanted to share it with me. He saw a lot of parallels between the Biblical narrative and the movie’s story. I hadn’t ever seen a 3D movie, and the special effects were so good that I didn’t really notice them! It was a spectacular film, well worth the hype.

Dell slept through most of the movie before having her feed at almost the right time. (I’ve stretched her to five four-hourly feeds during the day and enjoy an eight-hour break in the night). So she was no trouble at all.

After the movie finished late, we walked around for a bit before driving to a service station for a nightcap. With a babysitter at home, it seemed a pity to rush home without savouring our outing. It was almost midnight when we got home — which is a record for us. Thanks so much to our babysitter, D!

And the night ended with a pink Hummer. Just as we were on our way home, it caught our eyes. Truly, how could you miss seeing it? Hummers are very rare here in Australia. They have to be imported and converted to right-hand drive. We don’t have many on our roads, so even the “normal” ones stand out.

Pink Hummer limousine, January 2010
I wasn't kidding about the Pink Hummer. We spotted this limousine filling up at the petrol station (probably on its way to pick up a V.I.P.).

I’ve since discovered that if you’re interested, you can hire a Hummer limousine in your choice of colour. We’ve got better things to do with our money.