It’s been a hard week for David. He had a big job booked in and Julie pulled out on him at the last minutes, saying that she needed a couple of weeks off. So he has been working by himself, staying over at the construction site for three nights in a row so he could work late, crash out and then make an early start. Now he’s worn out and just generally discouraged.

At the moment he’s hesitant to book more work in because of the uncertainty of having a worker. It’s really difficult to sub-contract work out as all the other floor-layers are “owned” by shops, so we’re at a bit of a dead end with nothing encouraging in sight.

This may be the sign we need to move on, or it may be something that we just have to work through. Please pray that we’ll find direction for our future. We are like weathervanes, facing whichever way the wind blows us, and not knowing if it’s correct.

This week also, Aïcha looks like she has been through the wars. She fell out of bed one night, leaving a purple egg on her forehead, and constant falls mean her legs display a map of scabs. But her swimming is continuing to improve, with Aïcha now able to swim with her head down and face underwater.

I was amazed to read this quote as a sermon from a novel by secular author Geraldine Brooks, in Year of Wonders

Like the ore that must be melted all to liquid to find the pure metal, so must we be rendered in the fiery furnace… And as the smith tends his furnace, all through the night if need be, to secure the valuable ore within, so is God here, near to us, nearer perhaps than He has ever come, or ever will come, in all our lives.