I like to use the time when I feed Dell to read a book or just doze in a chair. Unfortunately, because all three older girls like Dell so much, they hover around me, kissing the baby and whispering in her ear.

So the “me” time that I’m craving doesn’t often happen.

But I do get to enjoy my whole brood at once, and they make me laugh with their questions. I wonder what they are going to be like as mothers, and if they’ll be asking me for tips on how to look after their own babies.

Calista, 21 months, + Delaney, 3 weeks old, January 2010
When I'm feeding Dell, Cali likes to bring her own baby and "feed" her on the couch beside me.

Calista, 21 months old, January 2010
Calista concentrates on getting her baby's attachment just right.

I can hardly remember what the other girls were like at this age, and so I’m doubly grateful that I’ve been keeping a record through this blog. David suggested to me that God deliberately blocks our mind so we only perceive our children at the age they are in the present. Otherwise we would mourn the rapid passing of time and the loss of our darling little babies as they grow up into people with their own ideas, lives and families.