In the last two weeks, I’ve found that it’s not necessarily harder to get out and about with four kids than it is with three. The only difference seems to be that I wear the baby outside my belly instead of inside it. We’re still quite slow, I still have two hands free for holding, but with Delaney asleep most of the time, the dynamics haven’t really changed.

There’s a little bit of strategy and forethought necessary for major outings. If we’re going to be using a shopping trolley, I wear the baby. If I won’t be using a trolley (like at the library), I simply leave Delaney in her car seat and remove the capsule from the car and click it into the pram. It’s a fantastic way to move the baby in and out of the car without waking her up.

That’s it. Nothing too dramatic.

Aisha, 4yo, Calista, 21 months, + Brioni, 3yo, January 2010
In our local supermarket, the three girls each push a mini-trolley, and I stroll around like a queen, flicking my wrist to indicate which items can come off the shelves until the trolleys are fully loaded with our groceries.

In fact, the one time I did go to the shops with just the three oldest girls, I arrived back home to find David pacing the driveway with Dell in his arms. So it’s just easier to take all four with me whenever I’m out on errands — prevents tears at home!