This evening David took off in his truck for a couple of days. He’s driving up to the Sunshine Coast for a job, and it is more economical for him to stay up there until the project is completed.

Aisha, 4yo, + David, January 2010
David packed the truck with several rolls of vinyl which he will install in a medical centre over the next couple days.

Although we miss him when he’s away, it’s fantastic that David’s selling and installing more of his stock vinyl. (I’m certain we’re going to need every extra dollar we can earn here in Australia before we emigrate.)

And the truck is the perfect home-away-from-home, as it’s fitted out with as many conveniences as you’d have in a caravan! We’re still undecided if we’re going to sell the truck before we go. Whenever we talk about getting rid of it, David gets a bit teary (just kidding) because it has been his “other baby”.

Shed, January 2010
Look at the amount of carpet and vinyl we have left on the mezzanine floor!

Stock, November 2007
Especially considering this is the amount of stock we had sitting in the shed just two years ago. We originally had it piled as high as the top beam under the roof!