It’s been two weeks since Dell was born, and I still haven’t been able to think of a good lullaby to use as “her” song. We don’t have many traditions within our family, but David and I do each have a special song that we use with each child.

Aisha’s lullaby is a modified version of Everything’s alright from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I changed some of the words to personalise the song, and it has turned out to be a very apt choice for someone who would like to boss everyone around.

Brioni’s special song is Blessed be as song by Raffi. I’ve changed the first words from “Baby dear” to “Baby B” and second one is “Brioni”. It works very nicely, and also suits her with her “morning smile” very well. And whenever we play through our Raffi collection, Brioni is always delighted to hear “her” song.

My song for Calista is Baby of mine as song by Allison Krauss (and also featured in the animation Dumbo). I sing “Cali-Mae” where Allison sings “Baby mine”. It’s a lovely, soothing song.

So now I’ve got number four, I need a special song — even a lovely tune — that I can croon to Delaney when I’m settling her or just want to share some special love.
Do you have any suggestions?