Delaney, 1 week old, January 2010
Dell's been sucking on her index finger rather than her thumb.

My other three girls have all been thumb-suckers, and it looks like Delaney will be a sucker as well — although it remains to be seen if she’ll move onto the thumb. I do tend to encourage thumb-sucking (rather than me-sucking) over using a dummy/pacifier.

My logic is that the baby always has its thumb and can find it, so you don’t have to stagger to the baby when it cries in the middle of the night and hunt for the pacifier to put back into its mouth. (I know others say you can always take a dummy away, but you can’t cut off a thumb. Having successfully weaned Aisha from her thumb, and Brioni rarely sucks hers now that we set up some boundaries, I feel confident in repeating my success with the others.)

Besides, there’s something about thumb-sucking that is just so cute!