This morning my sister Carla and her family stopped by for a visit. We caught up over morning tea, and the kids played around the house, then we relocated to a nearby park for a bbq lunch.

Calista, 21 months old, Aisha, 4yo, Elora, 10yo, Delaney, 6 days old, + Brioni, 3yo, December 2009
10yo Elora had a little cuddle with her youngest cousin.

Aisha, 4yo, Brioni, 3yo, Bowen, 7yo, Flynn, 5yo, + Delenn, 2yo, December 2009
The cousins sat around the dining table for morning tea.

Delaney, 6 days old, + David, December 2009
Delaney is still so sleepy!

David, December 2009
This is David's favourite park because the swings are big enough for him to ride on. He pushes himself so high the chains become slack.

Flynn, Bowen, Brioni, Aisha, Delenn + Elora, December 2009
The kids played together nicely, often under Elora's watchful eye.

Carla, Delenn, + Andy, December 2009
Carla and Andy have been married for 14 years and have four children. 2yo Delenn (in Carla's arms) is their youngest daughter.

Bowen, 7yo, December 2009
Bowen fashioned a fishing rod/hook contraption out of a stick, broken plastic cutlery, a toothpick and numerous twist-ties he found lying around the bbq area. Although he baited his toothpick with pieces of bread and carefully held his stick in the duck pond, sadly he didn't catch any fish.

Elora, Flynn, Carla, Delenn, Andy + Bowen, December 2009
Elora, Flynn, Carla (holding Delenn), Andy + Bowen Croaker.