Delaney (De-LAY-nee) means “offspring of the challenger”, which particularly suits David’s current position of challenging some of the institutionalised church’s doctrines. Renee means “born again”, and is given to Delaney as an honour to my sister Renee Louise Harvey.

Delaney Renee, 26 December 2009
Delaney Renee on Day 1.

After David returned home on the 26th, the girls only let him sleep a couple of hours before waking him up to demand that they come to hospital to see Baby Dell. They’ve been calling Delaney “Baby Dell” ever since we knew “we were having our fourth daughter”. (I think Calista is saying “Baby-doll” instead of “Baby Dell”, but it’s hard to be certain.)

My dad’s sister Gwenda visited the house and helped plait the girls’ hair while David dressed them in pretty dresses for the hospital visit. (Apparently midwives in hospitals get a kick out of seeing the mish-mash of outfits that new dads cobble together when they bring older children to visit the new babies.)

Calista was very happy to suddenly find me in my hospital room (although remember I had only been absent from her life for half a day), and the older girls were pleased to finally meet Delaney. They gently stroked and kissed her face and head. Dell slept the whole time, and I wasn’t (at that point) game to pick her up while she was sleeping, so no one got to cuddle her during first day’s visit.

Aisha, 4yo, David + Delaney, December 2009
Looking at Delaney, Aisha said, "Pretend I'm the mummy, and this is my new baby." I'm certain Aisha's going to be a great help with Dell.

Calista, 21 months old, December 2009
Cali wanted lots of kisses and cuddles from me until she spied the baby, then she was fascinated by her and spent most of her time hanging on the edge of the bassinet, looking at Dell and touching her gently.

Brioni, 3yo, December 2009
Aisha and Brioni soon worked out the handle on my bed which adjusted the back up and down — a fun ride!

Aisha, 4yo, Brioni, 3yo, + Calista, 21 months old, December 2009
The three sisters were in matching outfits again!

Gwenda, December 2009
After visiting Aunty Laurel, Aunty Gwenda stopped by to chat to me. I also got to see recent photos of all her grandchildren. (Later I also met her husband Stewart.)

Victor + Lauren, December 2009
Dad was able to visit Aunty Laurel at the same time as me. (What convenient timing!)

Aisha, 4yo, Brioni, 3yo, Delaney, 2 days old, Calista, 21 months old, + David, December 2009
David and his four daughters: children are a glory to their father.

Aisha, 4yo, Brioni, 3yo, Delaney, 2 days old, Calista, 21 months old, + Laurel, December 2009
We all trooped downstairs and across to another wing to visit Aunty Laurel. Here she is with four great-grand-nieces (My dad is her nephew, I'm her grand-niece, my children are her great-grand-nieces).

Brent, Jaiden + Caitlin, December 2009
Some surprise visitors for me in the hospital were my cousin Brent with his two children, Jaiden and Caitlin. It was terrific to see Brent again (it's probably been 20 years!) and to meet his wonderful kids.

Delaney Renee, 26 December 2009
Delaney on Day 2.

For those of you who like to do this kind of thing, here are the links so you can compare Delaney’s features with those of the newborn Aisha, Brioni and Calista. Who do you think she resembles?