Aisha, 4yo, + Misty, December 2009
This afternoon, Misty transformed from this hairy beast ...

Misty, December 2009
... into more of a sheep.

Early in the summer season, I try to cut Misty’s hair so she doesn’t have to suffer so much through the heat. Unfortunately, I’ve left this year’s trim a bit late, and we’ve already had quite a few hot days.

Misty, December 2009
This afternoon I got out the kitchen shears and trimmed her coat.

We have a fancy set of dog clippers, but I find that a good pair of scissors is the most efficient way to cut through her hair. Her top coat hides a really woolly undercoat that is too thick for the clippers to successfully cut through without overheating or snagging.

The difference in this year’s shearing experience was that I had numerous “helpers” asking me questions and wanting to collect the dog hair. Now the only question that remains is whether I want to send the collected dog fur to a place like this to have them spin it into yarn for our winter sweaters! (Now you can have your pet and wear it too!)

Misty's hair, December 2009
What would *you* do with a big bucket of dog hair?