I love turning over a new page on the calendar when I’m counting down. There’s something very optimistic about watching the crossed-off squares become a new field of blanks. Later on, I’m sure to rue these passing days, but all I can think about at the moment is this belly and the baby that keeps digging into me.

While I try to keep myself from over-analysing every twinge in the hope that it’s the start of real contractions, I thought I’d devote some of my researching and blogging time to topics that are really close to my heart. I know most of you are counting down with us to December 25 — the supposed date of Baby D’s arrival — and so I’ve decided December is Baby Month.

For those of you who are over babies, or perhaps you’ve never had the pleasure, I’ll head each baby/pregnancy/blood-and-gore post with the words “Baby month”, so you’ll know when to steer clear.

And, no, I haven’t over-exposed myself with the blog header this month. You’re looking at a mirror image of my very pregnant tummy. Here’s how it was done.

Lauren, November 2009
Late at night, while David tried (unsuccessfully) to sleep on the bed a couple of metres away, I rigged up a spotlight using a reading lamp with a bit of cardboard narrowing the focus. I was looking in a mirror that was positioned immediately underneath the camera on its tripod. My new remote-control for the camera came in handy, and after many, many, many poses, I finally had the light hitting my tummy in the shape that I needed to translate it into a heart.

Though our original plan was for a December sale, we still haven’t put our house officially on the market. David is selling and installing more of his stock, we’ve changed some plans regarding what we’ll take to NZ and what we’ll leave behind, and well, we’re still not ready. However, we do feel comfortable with the delay (given it’s inevitable) and will keep trying to do things to make it happen. (I’m still packing boxes, and David’s still advertising.)