Those of you who have met my girls know that they’re very stand-offish with strangers. It usually takes a day or two to break through the barriers, especially with Aisha. However, today we met Lyla who somehow managed to become friends with all three in about twenty minutes.

Aisha, 4yo, Lila, + Calista, 19 months, November 2009
After dinner, I found Lyla sitting on the floor of the playroom, successfully engaging all three girls in their games.

David’s brother Tim and his girlfriend Lyla are visiting us for a couple of days. They live in Sydney and are both studying for their masters’ degrees in chemical engineering. Lyla’s family live in Guiyang, China.

The last time we saw Tim, Brioni was not quite one year old, so when we first introduced the children to him today (with Brioni absent), Tim was confused about who was who. This is the first time he has met Calista.