This morning I got up early, attempted to spoon some breakfast into the girls and then packed us all into the car to drive to the airport to get David. I planned carefully so we would arrive with lots of time, especially as I wanted the girls to be able to see David’s plan land. I had double-checked the flight information last night so that I’d be aware of any schedule changes — there were none. So we were on track.

About 20 minutes away from my destination, I heard the radio announcer declare the times: “Five to seven for Queensland, five to eight for New South Wales.” I drove along for a while before the words penetrated into my consciousness, and then I felt a deep pit forming in my stomach.

I’m pretty sure the Gold Coast airport is technically in New South Wales, although it services the Gold Coast City, which is technically in Queensland. Aargh! All my careful planning would be for nought if we arrived late, and I envisioned David waiting for us outside the terminal, wondering if we were even coming!

Arriving at the airport, I took the first available park and ran (as quickly as I could with three small children and a big belly) into the terminal. Of course, we were down the far end of the terminal from the arrivals hall and had to navigate the thousands of people (where are all those people going?) waiting in lines to check in or go through the security checkpoint. As we were all holding hands, we need to cut a very wide path through all the bodies and baggage.

At the arrivals hall, I could finally read the board and note that 1) the Gold Coast airport operates on Queensland time, and 2) we had arrived in plenty of time to watch David’s plane land. What a relief!

We turned around and wound our way back through the crowds and past the security checkpoint until we could position ourselves by a window and watch the airport tarmac.

Aisha, 4yo, Calista, 19 months, + Brioni, 3yo, October 2009
We arrived at the airport early enough to watch several other planes take off or land. It's a great outing for pre-schoolers, but you'd better understand what is going on, because there sure are a lot of questions to be asked!

After David’s plane landed, we moved back into the the arrivals hall and waited for David to appear. Unfortunately, his plane was immediately preceded by another international flight, so it took a long time before David could collect his bags and make it though immigration and customs.

Aisha, 4yo, Brioni, 3yo, + Calista, 19 months, October 2009
Waiting for Daddy to come out.

Aisha, 4yo, David + Brioni, 3yo, October 2009
What a happy reunion!

The girls have been revelling in David’s attention all day. It’s wonderful to have him home, and I’ve finally had an opportunity to show him his new-beaut computer while he showed me short video excerpts from Canoe Camp.