The DFF Book Club

When choosing books for babies and toddlers, the easiest way to pick a winner is to choose a book with photos in it. Although other cutesy cartoony books may appeal to the adult reader, when given a choice, very young children will return again and again to the books with photo illustrations.

In selecting good photo-based books, you can’t go wrong with Dorling Kindersley (DK) publishers. Well-respected as educational materials, the DK photo books are sturdy enough to endure several children before sitting on the shelf in an op shop in good enough condition to entice you to take them home. In fact, when scanning shelves of second-hand books, I usually start by browsing the spines, looking for the distinctive DK label.

If you’re still establishing a home library for a baby, here’s a winner for the 18 month to 2.5 year age range, just where Calista is at the moment.

Copycat faces, October 2009

Copycat Faces follows a very simple format of photos and twee rhyming phrase that encourages the toddler to identify the emotion on the faces and then copy it.

You just can’t go wrong with this book. Buy it as a present for a new parent. Give it to your local creche or daycare. It’s also the perfect book to encourage someone to read to your child if they’re attempting to bond (babysitter/mostly-absent grandparent/older sibling).

Copycat faces, October 2009
The six exaggerated faces prove to be lots of fun to copy — both for Mum and for the toddler!

Copycat Faces is available widely in bookstores and online, so it shouldn’t be hard to get a hold of a copy.