Yesterday morning, I packed everyone into the car and drove an hour and a half north to the strip of beachside communities on the north of Brisbane.

My first stop was to Melinda’s house. Mel and Nigel have three kids — two in school and one at home, and because they work together from home running an online business, we could spend the whole day sitting around and catching up. (I heard that Mel worked frantically the night before to get on top of all her work so she could afford the time spent with me.)

Just before teatime, I headed over to Allison’s house, where her two girls eagerly awaited the prospect of friends. It has been over two years since Allison and I last caught up, which means that she last saw me when I was pregnant with Calista!

With some friends, however, any absence is hardly detrimental because you can simply pick up where you left off. I feel a special bond with Allison, and am sure that this visit will bring us close together again.

Today we’re simply planning on lazing around the pool, supervising all the girls. As I type this, all five are playing in the playroom, alternating dressing-up with role-playing as their imaginations feed off each other.