On Saturday morning, Craig had to go in to work, so Renee and I took the kids to the city centre to visit the “must-see” tourist attraction of Hong Kong: The Peak. Rising 552 metres above sea-level, Victoria Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and provides a terrific view of the city.

Jemilla, Tirzah, Lauren + Keegan, October 2009
We took a series of trains to reach Hong Kong Island. Because the public transport system is so efficient (and cheap!), changing trains lines is not a big deal. It cost AU$2 to travel from Tai Po to Hong Kong and took about 40 minutes.

Lauren, Hong Kong, October 2009
Jackie Chan was advertising the presence of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum at the top of Victoria Peak.

Peak Tram, Hong Kong, October 2009
Although it runs on its original tracks, the trams that ferry passengers to and from the top of Victoria Peak has been modernised and uses a microprocessor-controlled electric motor that automatically manages the tramcar speed (and keeps the two trams in sync and prevents them from crashing into each other). The track is 1.3 km long and gets as steep as 27 degrees.

Peak Tram, Hong Kong, October 2009
Each tramcar carries up to 120 passengers: 95 seated and 25 standing. Both tramcars start to operate simultaneously after an automatic safety device check is carried out before each journey. Since its inception in 1888 the route has had no accidents.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, October 2009
An anvil-shaped building with shops and restaurants takes advantage of the views at the top of the peak.

Hong Kong, October 2009
I finally got to see the famous view of Hong Kong's skyline. On a clear day -- after a rain -- you can see all the way to mainland China from the top of Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, October 2009
Although it wasn't the clearest of days, we still had a good view of the skyline, and I reckon I could see Renee's suburb of Tai Po in the distance.

Bride, Hong Kong, October 2009
We saw this bridal party while up at The Peak.

The Peak also offered the full shopping experience, with a second shopping centre offering accommodation, bookshops, restaurants, clothing & shoe stores, tourist traps, jewellers, etc. I’m continually amazed at the number and variety of shops available everywhere here, even at the top of this hard-to-reach hill!