We farewelled Natalie this morning, who was catching a bus to Shenzhen, which is a just a couple of hours away but part of mainland China. (Internal flights within mainland China are cheaper than flying directly to HK.)

To get to church, we needed to take two taxis, although you may think that taking a taxi is a straight-forward method of transport. Not in HK.

Hong Kong, October 2009
Green taxis only operate within the New Territories (where Tai Po is). The red taxis' designated territory is the "urban" areas of Hong Kong (Kowloon/Hong Kong Island/etc), and our destination was within a red taxi zone (Sha Tin). The two taxis lines meet at designated spots like this one.

The Harveys’ church meets in a school hall and features a contemporary style of worship music. I loved being with the Harveys again in church.

Keegan, Tirzah + Craig, Hong Kong, October 2009
On the train ride home, Tirzah kept wanting to cuddle with "Bubba". This particular train was particularly uncrowded, allowing us all to occupy seats.

In the afternoon, Renee and I walked to their local supermarket where we spent almost an hour browsing the shelves, discussing food options, prices and issues of availability. It was interesting to see what was available and to wonder where we could source other “basic” food items like minced beef, chicken fillets and sour cream.

Our analysis of the supermarket given us a list of things to look for as we travel around HK together. We plan to visit the local market where perhaps there will be more meat options. (Or maybe we’ll just find more exotic meat options.)

Hong Kong, October 2009
If you kill and pluck a Silky Bantam chicken, you'll discover it has black skin, black meat and black bones. And a very high level of anti-oxidants. Just what the doctor ordered. Yum.