Natalie and I decided to leave the Harveys on Ma Wan Island and make our own way home via the city. Our goal was the Krispy Kreme outlet at Causeway Bay.

We were in Times Square, one of the largest malls in HK with 16 floors of retail outlets, restaurants and entertainment venues. It was huge. If you wanted something, it’s available here (except Krispy Kreme donuts, sadly — the franchise closed down two years ago). I was also amazed at the crowds out shopping, even at 6pm on a Saturday night.

Hong Kong, October 2009
I was astounded at this curved escalator in Times Square and insisted to Natalie that I had try it out. (I'm up the top with the orange hat.)

Hong Kong, October 2009
The escalators only work because there's a pair of them made up of the same conveyer belt. The belt that holds the metal steps maintains a consistent circle up and down two stories.

Although we prowled the floors, we didn’t really go into many shops. I looked for a cheap mobile phone for my stay here in HK, and Natalie loved the English-language bookshop, especially for periodicals, which are impossible to buy in Xi’an, China.

Schimmel piano, Hong Kong, October 2009
Oh, baby. I recognised it as soon as I saw it. (How? I can't remember.) Retailing at over $100,000 (USD), this Schimmel Pegasus piano is on display in a shop at Times Square. Other places you'd see this piano would be in Eddie Murphy or Lenny Kravitz's houses. (Even though the piano holds a little plaque forbidding photography, I quickly snapped this pic and then fled the store.)

To get home, I asked Natalie to let me try navigating our way through the maze of train lines we needed to use. Inside the trains, handy indicators flash when the train is connecting with another line that is located just across the platform. So often you can hop off one train, cross the platform and board the next one that you need. It’s a very quick, efficient way to travel, meaning that all areas of the city are very accessible, even if you have to make four or five train connections before you reach your destination.