When Craig opened the door and discovered me standing there, I forgot that I was unexpected. He just started laughing, leaving me out in the foyer. So I invited myself in, and we whispered together. Renee was still mostly asleep, so I asked Craig to just tell her that a parcel arrived from Australia.

Jemilla and Keegan were standing at the top of the stairs, staring at me, but not too astonished to see me. I went downstairs into the kitchen and set about making myself a cup of tea to revive myself. Craig got Tirzah up, and he came downstairs and talked to me while Tirzah played quietly.

When Renee came downstairs, she was intent on looking for the “parcel” that had come from Australia. When she finally saw me standing in the kitchen she was startled, reacting with a prolongued “Oooooooooo” and backing up away from me, even retreating up several stairs before I caught her and gave her a hug. Renee was overwhelmed with emotion and even started crying a little bit, while I was laughing maniacally at the situation and hugging her.

Soon Natalie came downstairs. Natalie is a friend from highschool, a former classmate of Renee’s, but I shared a dorm with her for two years and knew her well. Natalie currently teaches in Xi’an, China, and came to Hong Kong to visit Renee. She and I overlapped for one day (Saturday) at the Harveys.

Natalie was very surprised to see me, and soon warmed to the idea of the surprise. It was fun to catch up with Natalie and to hear her perspectives on living and working in China.

It was a wonderful reunion, everything that I had hoped for. The surprise was complete, and the reaction so welcoming.

Well worth the effort, and now I’m looking forward to sharing Hong Kong adventures with the Harveys!