As I pack my little backpack for this weekend’s trip away, I feel a mixture of guilt and glee at the prospect of leaving the kids (and David!) at home while I go gallivanting to a friend’s house for a little visit.

In the four and half years since I’ve become a mother, I’ve enjoyed three weekends away sans enfants — each time with David, and each time a real blessing. I also had one extra week without the kids, but we used the time to renovate the bathroom, so that hardly counts as a holiday! This trip is going to be a bit different because I’m not taking anyone with me — it’ll just be pure, indulgent recreation!

I’m very comfortable with travelling with kids, and yet the prospect of being completely child-free makes me wonder 1) what discomforts I’ll endure because I won’t have anyone complaining that they’re hungry/bored/cold/tired/hot/need a wee/etc 2) what indulgences I’ll permit myself because I don’t have to set the example/uphold the high standards/be afraid of setting a precedent/etc.

I was telling David that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be pining for my girls, and he said it would be what I made of it. So I think I’ll look forward to the break and not miss the kids (or David).

It’s an exciting adventure — being childless again. I’m going to embrace this opportunity. Who knows when it will happen again?

Calista, 18 months old, September 2009
My lovely Cali-Mae.

If I put Calista’s picture up here, I know I can stop by and moon over her whenever I get homesick.

Since becoming a mother, have you been away from your kids for more than a couple nights?