Calista, 18 months old

We’re enjoying the way Calista has started talking. She readily copies any words we offer to her, and she routinely uses phrases like “up-me” for “up, please” or “help, please”; “more”; “stuck”; “pink”; and calls her sisters “Aishee” and “Biobi”.

I’m concentrating on teaching her how to obey simple commands, but she’s happy to put herself to bed when it’s time, even shutting her door to finalise the action! She loves playing with babydolls and pull-along toys. She rides her gyro-car with ease and follows her sisters up and down the driveway.

Most of all, Calista loves to copy her sisters: dancing, clapping, singing, playing, wearing hats/shoes, etc. So lovely.

Brioni, 3yo, + Calista, 18 months old, September 2009
Brioni has been showing Calista some ballet moves.