I took the girls to visit the Dayals today, which was a treat for all of us. Dinesh and Kavita have three boys, with their youngest only a year older than Aïcha. Jere and Zech are great big brothers, and they were a great help with the girls. Pati (Kavita’s mother) also lives with them.

We spent the day just talking or playing with the kids. Kavita cooked a delicious fish curry for dinner. Yum!

Aaron, Aïcha & Zech, March 07
Aïcha enjoyed her first icecream paddle pop on Saturday during our visit to Dayals. It was so hot that day!

Aïcha, Aaron & Pati, March 07
Once they got used to each other, Aïcha and Aaron started playing well together. Here, "Pati" reads them both a story.