Upon receiving an invitation for a visit from a homeschooling family, the girls were excited to hear that they could swim in the pool.

But it’s still too cold for an enjoyable time in the water.

Another family came along for the day, and together the older kids had a good time in the pool, but Aisha came out very quickly after I “forced” her to go in. Brioni was more determined to enjoy the water, but even in the full sun it was too cold.

J, R, S, + O, September 2009
S is a good mummy. She braved the cold water of the pool so her kids would stay in longer. (I just sat on the side to watch mine shiver.)

J, S + R, September 2009
The older kids were soon involved in games and didn't mind the temperature of the water.

Brioni, 3yo, September 2009
Brioni was keen to play in the water but the chill eventually drove her out.

So instead we retreated to the house where my girls played with little dolls, Calista wandered around freely, enjoying picked up and babied by the older girls. It was a nice, relaxing visit for me — we simply chatted and let the kids do their own thing.

Calista, 17 months old, September 2009
Calista is learning to keep her hat on while outside. I usually also apply sunscreen liberally to the girls before we go out.

It’s great to see how mums with older kids handle life. From my perspective, it does seem to get easier as the kids get older, so that’s something to look forward to!

Milo the cow, September 2009
The Gs have a one-month-old calf in their backyard. They feed it milk every day and it also grazes a bit, keeping the lawn to a nice height.

Brioni, 3yo, September 2009
As the calf is about the size of our dog, Brioni was brave enough to give it a pet.