David’s brother Ben — now living in Beijing — regularly updates his Flickr Photostream. If you haven’t had a look at his gorgeous family and the stunning scenery of the places in China that they’ve visited, it’s so worth checking out! Ben has a real knack for capturing beautiful subjects in a very artistic way.

Just beautiful. Like his kids. Look at Amiti:

Amiti, 6 months old (?), September 2009
Isn't Amiti the cutest baby EVER? She has such a good mohawk happening, too.

I laughed when I saw this photo of Ella, because it’s a very familiar scene at our house too!

Ella, 3yo, September 2009
Three-year-old Ella likes to arrange all her soft animals in a pathway across the floor.

Aisha, 4yo, September 2009
Here's Aisha doing the same thing. The girls regularly make their own "bridges" (across crocodile-infested waters) using cushions, cloths, hats and whatever else they can find!