Lauren, September 2009
I love being out in the garden at this time of year. It's not too hot, the mosquitoes are still polite, and everything I prune grows back quickly!

As I enter the third trimester of my fourth pregnancy (who does the math for this thing anyway; since when does 40 weeks = nine months?), I’m looking pretty big. Blooming huge, in fact. And I have three more months of growing to do!

Early on in the pregnancy we received a shipment of Hidden Valley Ranch powder, and — mixed with sour cream — it’s been adorning almost every meal. We love it. And my body shows it.

Seriously, my thighs have reached the point of no return — they’re touching (and chafing!). It’s a good thing summer has turned up, because if was wearing corduroy pants, it would sound like a swordfight was in progress every time I entered a room. Zwit, zwat, zwit, zwat, zwiiit.

Lauren, September 2009
Yup, there it is — if I turn sideways, you can see that my rounded belly is neatly balanced by an ample backside. (I look even bigger in real life...)

So I’m starting to think about watching what I eat. Occasionally I moderate myself. More often I don’t.

I console myself with the thought that I can lose it all again when I need to. (“Nine months on, nine months off” is my motto.)

But my children are gorgeous. And Baby D will be worth every kilo. (Enough about me, let’s talk about my beautiful children again!)

Brioni, 3yo, September 2009
Brioni has a beautiful, wide smile.

Calista, 17 months old, September 2009
Cali was happy to play outside after waking up (or being woken up) from her nap.