I’ve just come back from a wonderful night out. I met up with two other ladies at our local Thai restaurant. We swapped stories of how-we-met-our-husbands, views on Christmas, ideas about birthdays, tactics for handling babies, and birthing/hospital sagas.

It is such a simple idea. C asked me and K out for a child-free, husband-free date one weeknight.

We had a terrific time, laughing a lot and were reluctant to leave. It was only over when the restaurant closed and the silk-clad waitresses virtually kicked us out.

Thanks, ladies! Let’s do this again soon.

C, September 2009
C is married to an American and lived in the States for a number of years while growing up.

K, September 2009
K is from a family of four girls. She is pregnant with her third child and due in December like me.