On Friday morning we drove across town to visit a lovely family with 3.5 kids who homeschool, have spent time abroad, and continue to seek the Bible for its truths. It was a very relaxing time — easy chatting, mild theology debates, lots of play for the kids, a fun lunch, and David even managed to slot in a carpet repair!

Sharon arranged for the kids to make mini pizzas for lunch — a fun idea that kept them occupied so they ignored their rumbling tummies.

Aisha, 4yo, + Brioni, 3yo, September 2009
The girls were invited to place toppings on the circles of bread.

J and Aisha, 4yo, September 2009
Making pizzas is serious business — except for J (in the background) who loved the opportunity to fashion his own food.

Making pizzas, September 2009
The girls preferred to arrange their toppings in a very methodical manner, and protested vehemently when I wanted to sprinkle cheese over the top of the whole lot.

Sharon, Dave, J + David, September 2009
We ate our lunch outside in the sunshine, enjoying the warm spring day.

Calista, 17 months old, + R, 2yo, September 2009
Calista enjoyed her own little picnic with R, aged 2.

Aisha, 4yo, + Calista, 17 months old, September 2009
Aisha and Calista loved playing in the cubby house. Their game was set up so Aisha was the mummy and Calista was her daughter.

David and Dave, September 2009
After lunch, David and Dave were soon back inside, looking up Bible passages (in different versions) online, and talking seriously about doctrinal issues.

Dave and David have kept up an emailed dialogue of discussion on various points of theology, and it’s been great to have our minds sharpened by another believer!