With so many little girls around the place, it’s inevitable that they become obsessed with princesses, fairies or ballerinas. Since we don’t “do” Disney or fairies, that means that Aisha and Brioni love the ballet (without actually being obsessed with it). I’ve shown them a performance of The Nutcracker, and they often ask to borrow ballerina books from the library.

So earlier this year I booked tickets to a ballet performance. (You have to get in really early to buy tickets to the ballet! In April, only three tickets were left to a performance in September (!), which meant that one of us would have to miss out.) I dressed the girls in pretty dresses, and David dressed up too, and — without telling them where they were headed — I bundled the girls into the car and sent them off to the ballet.

Aisha, 4yo, Brioni, 3yo, + David, September 2009
Aisha and Brioni were dressed up beautifully before their date with Daddy to the ballet.

It wasn’t until David walked into the auditorium with the girls and they saw the posters on the wall that they realised where they were and what they were about to see. The performance was a showcase of talent by young dancers performing a variety of dances. The hall was quite small, and David and the girls sat in the front row! Terrific!

The girls enjoyed a special meal after the show (even bringing some home for me!) and have a terrific memory upon which to base their elaborate games of pretend.