Ice cream cupcakes, Septmeber 2009
Cupcakes disguised as ice cream cones — novel , delicious and easy!

I’ve been making cupcakes for Father’s Day and thought I’d use the extra batter to create some sweets to take along to a friend’s house today. Instead of sticking with the patty-cake shape, I decided to make ice cream cone cupcakes.

Ice cream cupcakes, Septmeber 2009
Simply drop your cupcake mix into ice cream cones and bake on a tray as per the recipe's directions.

I have since noticed that my oven leans slightly to the right, giving all the baked cones a dribble down one side. However, it’s easy to trim off the excess with a knife before icing them, giving the tops a nice, rounded appearance.

Brioni, 3yo, September 2009
This picture was NOT posed. Brioni is simply looking forward to having one of these later today.