Aisha, 4yo, August 2009
Sent to play outside today, Aisha collected bits and pieces to make into "dinner".

Each day we try to do at least one thing that brings us closer to our big move to New Zealand. We’ve written up a master to-do list, and when David feels a bit bored or unmotivated, he reviews the list and chooses a task. (I see my job as putting things on the list, rather than actually doing any. It’s called delegation.)

Apart from trying to maintain the house in a semblance of order and keep the girls entertained, I am slowly going through each room and de-cluttering. I still have to take glamour shots of the four other bedrooms (including the studio), and that means that I first must deal with the pile of clean clothes that carpet the floor in Aisha’s room. Ugh. With this strange is-winter-over-or-will-it-come-back-to-bite-us-on-our-freezing-bums weather, I don’t know whether I can pack up the warm clothes or not.

We’ve been researching tips and tricks in selling real estate, and as well as de-cluttering, I’ve been removing the more personal touches from around the house like photos on the wall. Another tip that I’ll have to follow through with is to remove at least half the clothes from the cupboards so that each wardrobe looks spacious. I should probably do this with my kitchen’s tupperware cupboard (which is very well-stocked).

One of the things on David’s list has been to spruce up the forklift for sale. It’s practically impossible to dent the body, but David has managed to nick it here and there, scraping off the paint in some places. We’ve had a difficult time sourcing the exact paint that we needed to match the rest of the bodywork, and so this relatively-easy task has been on the list for several months.

However, today the company from whom we bought the forklift phoned David as a courtesy (and also to ask, “Can we service the forklift for you?”). This is the first time in over two years that we have ever heard from them. David politely refused the servicing offer but used the opportunity to ask where we could get some touch-up paint in the right shade of green.

The salesman on the other end said we could buy some from him — 300 ml for $25. However — he went on — it was probably easier and more efficient to buy it directly from his supplier. The salesman happily supplied the contact details of his paint supplier, and David followed it up, scoring two litres for $25!

The incredulous timing of the contact and the easy, cheap supply of the exact paint are evidence to us that we are on the right path. God has set us on a journey of selling this property and moving to New Zealand, and although sometimes it seems like it’s still so far off, He will take us there in His timing.