Hong Kong

As of TODAY, my sister Renée and her husband Craig have moved their family to Hong Kong. Craig has accepted an administrative position (I’ll clarify the exact title later) at the Small World Christian Kindergarten in the Tai Po district.

Renée’s background of boarding schools in Africa and Craig’s experience in Christian school administration have led the Harveys to pursue working in Christian schools overseas. For a while they thought they were headed to Kenya, but for at least the next four years they’ll be southeast Asia.

Hong Kong is designated a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since July 1, 1997, continues to enjoy a high degree of autonomy, except in the areas of defense and foreign policy. It retains its own currency, laws, and border controls. It is composed of three main geographic areas: the New Territories (where the Harveys will likely be), Kowloon Peninsula, and Hong Kong Island. (This text and the Hong Kong photo have been plagiarised from here.) English is commonly spoken, as well as Cantonese Chinese.

It’s a huge move for Harveys. They sold up most of their household possession, shipped a few cartons of books and toys to Hong Kong and will rent out their house in Perth. Until their things arrive, they’ll be living out of their suitcases and searching for an apartment in which to live.

Keegan (5) and Jemilla (7) will be starting school at the Norwegian International School, which runs with the North American school calendar, so the Harveys are uncertain as to which classes to put them in. Keegan has been in prep (pre-Grade-1) and Jemilla in a combined Grade 2-3 class. The Harveys’ youngest daughter Tirzah will be turning two in December.

Here are Jemilla and Keegan, dressed up last week for their dress-as-a-book-character day at school.

Jemilla, 7yo, August 2009
Pippi Longstocking

Keegan, 5yo, August 2009
Sir Knight

If you know of anyone in the Hong Kong area or are flying through, let Renée know. I’m hoping she’ll start blogging her own sparkling adventures from southeast Asia, and will happily pass on the address details if/when that happens.