Aïcha has been signing “please” by stroking her fingers down from her bottom lip/chin for over a year now. Sometimes she’s very sloppy with this sign, using whatever is in her hand (doll, spoon, book) to make the downwards stroke from her lip.

Now that she’s talking so much, I have thought that it was time Aïcha started saying “please” with her mouth, rather than just signing it.

When I was prompting Aïcha to say “please”, I closed my eyes to emphasise that I wanted to hear the sound, not just see it. I soon felt Aïcha’s little fingers strumming my bottom lip so that she was saying “please” on my lip/chin!

I laughed and pointed to my ear, saying that I needed to hear the sound. I again closed my eyes, and Aïcha used her fingers to say “please” on my ear. :D

After a couple more attempts, Aïcha finally understood, and now she uses “pease” as well as the sign language when she is asking for something.