On Saturday afternoon, Maria arrived with her daughter Amelie, now 7 weeks old. I know Maria from almost-pre-David days, and we’ve been delighted to catch up with each other almost every year. Ree was coming through Brisbane on her way to Rockhampton for her sister’s wedding. Her husband Oli is flying up on Monday with their three other children: Josiah (6), Micah (4) and Manni (2).

Lauren, Amelie, 7 weeks old, + Maria, August 2009
It was a short visit, but excellent in every other way. I took Maria to the station early on Monday morning where she took the train to the domestic airport and boarded a flight to Rockhampton (meeting up with Oli and her three kids on the plane).

Amelie, 7 weeks old, + Brioni, 2yo, + Calista, 16 months old, August 2009
The girls were fascinated by a real live baby! They often hovered around Amelie, giving her gentle kisses and discussing each movement or sound.

Maria, August 2009
Maria and I spent hours on the couches, catching up on a whole range of topics. (Yes, we spoke about you!)

David arrived home late on Saturday evening, and we just kept the Sunday activities low-key (read: doing nothing) so we could sit around and talk all day.