The last couple of days have been unseasonable warm. It’s supposed to be the middle of winter here, and instead, we’re having 30°C+ days (86°F)! It’s lovely (I think), though it makes me worry about how hot summer will get…

This morning we were invited to a birthday party at the park. Church friends C + M were celebrating their daughter’s first birthday. I slathered the girls in sunscreen before we ventured out, and then felt confident to let them play freely, even if their hats or sunnies came off.

At the park, August 2009
There was a high proportion of men at the park. This weekend was our church's women's retreat, so the temporarily-single fathers were delighted to have an activity scheduled to help keep their kids entertained.

Lucy's cake, August 2009
It must be a girl's cake! The cake was just gorgeous. C used a regular round cake pan and a deeper pudding pan to cook two cakes and then layered them to create this beautiful tower. It's a great idea to make a more unusual cake shape (and the icing in the middle of each piece is a yummy addition!).

Aisha, 4yo, + Brioni, 2yo, August 2009
Aisha and Brioni each enjoyed their own cupcakes. They later ate from a smorgasbord of chips, biscuits and fruit. There was so much food available! (Healthy options too.) I did pass on the cordial, however, and just kept offering them plain water.

Water dragon, August 2009
Rather than focusing on the playground, the girls liked hanging around the pond, hoping to catch more glimpses of the family of water dragons that lived in the rocks.

Calista, 16 months old, August 2009
Calista loved wearing a hat at the park so much, she kept putting on others while playing at home.

Around noon, the sugar high started to wear off and we headed home for a hot and sweaty siesta. Because the girls had eaten so much at the party, we completely skipped lunch and all went straight to bed.