I often enjoy a mini-break when David goes away — mainly because I don’t cook a balanced meal for dinnertime. Over the past three nights we’ve had popcorn (it’s a wholegrain cereal, didn’t you know?), pasta from a tin (with a smidgin of meat and veg) and tonight we ate raw carrot, cucumber, celery and beetroot with dip (just to make sure we’re getting some vegies).

Somehow, there’s less washing to do with David away, so I just keep the house tidy and spend the extra time playing online or reading. I’ve reorganised a set of drawers in the playroom so the girls can pack away their Playmobil properly before meals and and bedtime, and it’s proven to be a winner.

Tomorrow morning we’re invited to a casual birthday-in-the-park, and then my good friend Maria is arriving in the early afternoon for a two-night visit on her way to her sister’s wedding in Rockhampton. I’m very excited about catching up with her and plan to keep everything low-key so we can just sit around and chat!

David will be back home in the next couple of days after he’s had a couple adventures in the national parks between here and Warwick. “Don’t rush, my love. I still have baked beans in the pantry to serve up for dinner!”