Aisha, 4yo, Calista, 16 months old, + Brioni, 2yo, August 2009
Here are the three girls, waiting as their porridge cooks.

At this stage of parenting, we’re having very peaceful mornings. I usually get to stay in bed until breakfast time.

The girls wake up around 6.30-7 and sometimes come into our bed for a cuddle with me (David’s usually already up, working in the shed). Brioni is the first one up and plays in the rumpus room, waiting to hear Calista call out before running to open the nursery door and give Calista cuddles. Aisha wanders out of her room last.

Some mornings, the first time I hear the girls is when they come into my room to ask for breakfast. They’ve just been absorbed in their games until their tummy reminds them that something is missing.

It’s nice because the morning is rarely rushed. Breakfast is usually served around 7.30, and with Calista feeding herself I’m free to read a Bible story again. David usually comes back up to the house to say good morning to everyone and have his own breakfast.

We’ve also started memorising a Bible verse — the kids pick it up so easily, I can’t image why I felt daunted with the task.

I’m not expecting this pace to last, so I just want to remember this lovely time of life.