After the ubiquitous shopping trip (to the Hyperdome), Carla stopped by this morning with the kids. It was good to chat with her as the cousins got to know each other.

Aïcha acts shy at the beginning of any new encounter, to the point of hiding her face, but she soon warmed up. Elora loved playing with Brioni, lavishing her with extra attention.

After saying goodbye to her children, Carla met Andy in the city for her ultrasound, and she brought back some 3D pictures as the ultrasound was taken with new equipment that displays the morphology of the baby in three dimensions. Very cool. (And no, they didn’t ask to know the gender.)

Aïcha & Elora, February 07
Elora is such a good big sister/cousin, and she put Aïcha at ease very quickly.

Bowen Croaker, February 07
Bowen explored all the toys.

Fishers & Croakers at lunch, February 07
David popped in for some lunch during the day.

Croaker visit, February 07
Aïcha spent a lot of time just watching the three siblings interacting.

Flynn, February 07
Flynn is talking quite a lot, though sometimes I had to ask Elora to interpret.

Croaker visit, February 07
Here are the cousins showing off their silly faces!

Croaker visit, February 07
Another pose from the upside down Croakers (& Aïcha).

Flynn & Elora Croaker, February 07
Flynn & Elora

Bowen Croaker, February 07
Show us your moves, Bowen!

Croaker visit, February 07
Here's the Croaker family, with Carla 18 weeks pregnant.