It’s really no contest.

As I move around the house, trying to take photos of a pristine home without any small, warm bodies also providing decoration, I’m thankful that the photos aren’t close enough to show the layer of dust and dirt on everything. Instead of doing a deep clean, I de-clutter and rearrange baskets, replace the books onto the bookshelf again-and-again and send any extraneous furnishings down to the shed for storage on the mezzanine floor.

I’ve been uploading the house photos so I can use them with the website I’m creating to show off the house for sale. (If you want to have a peek, they’re here.)

I have this one photo of the rumpus room taken several months ago when the room was new and the kids were playing outside. (It’s never been in this state since.) But David objected to the blurring out of the lounge room (which had to be hidden because it was a real mess!). You may remember the shot — I blogged it back in April.

Playroom, April 2009
The playroom is a large room divided by different floorcoverings into a play section and a sleeping section.

Faced with the dilemma of re-creating the shot while the girls were playing in the room, I took the easiest option. Instead of housework, I used Photoshop.

A quick new photo from approximately the same angle:

Rumpus room, August 2009
The rumpus room was in its usual state of disarray (not too bad from this perspective).

And after some even quicker Photoshopping (because it’ll only be used a low resolution, I didn’t even take much care with outlining the ball lamp), I have a suitable photo for presenting the rumpus room in its best state:

Rumpus room, August 2009
The modified image shows a pristine rumpus room with a tidy living room.

Now if only I could Photoshop the kids’ clothes into the cupboards…