When I was a little girl of four or five years old, I was tormented by the threat that my parents would amputate my legs if I didn’t stop scratching my sores. As we were in Niamey, Niger at the time, I had lots of mosquito bites that would get infected after I scratched them, and I would pick at the scabs, preventing them from healing properly.

So now that we’re faced with a similar situation with Aisha who keeps picking at minuscule sores until they’re HUGE, I think I show a bit more compassion. Instead of threatening amputation, we tried the Fluffy Gloves method. So Aisha is wearing a glove on her right hand at all times — she’s embraced it as a fashion accessory — and after just a day of preventing her scratching, her face is already looking better.

Aisha, 4yo, August 2009
It looks like Aisha has had a recent case of chicken pox, but it's just her relentless picking at little sores.

(In this photo, you can see Aisha’s front teeth that were pushed back into her head, and one has subsequently turned greyish.)