Last Thursday morning I went for my first ultrasound at 20 weeks — determined to find out the gender of this baby — and the baby’s legs were crossed. How about that?

After three girls, David and I have been really ready to experience the difference a boy makes in our family. A friend recently told me, “Boys aren’t happy with just looking — they want to physically explore everything!”

Watching 16-month-old Calista in the post office this morning, where she was happy to browse items with her eyes and occasionally touch with her fingertips, I wondered how my outings would be different with a son.

It’s true that I take the girls with me nearly all the time I go to the supermarket or other shops. It’s an outing for them, and they can learn how to perform the tasks of looking after a family, which includes shopping. (I would hate to think that I was training my children to be shoppers, however. I’m very careful to teach them about marketing ploys and simply dismiss the items we don’t need/want so I’m not stuck responding to requests to buy-this-mummy.)

So we’re having our fourth baby, and after five months, I still don’t know if it’s a boy (oh, no, I’ll need some clothes!) or a girl (everything taken care of). I’ve never been good at waiting; I hate surprises, and not knowing this baby’s gender was driving me crazy.

So after an appointment at the hospital, I stopped in at another scan place and paid for an extra ultrasound in order to find out. Success!

Well, we’ve decided to keep our fourth baby’s gender a secret. But our girls know and would be happy to tell you, so if you would like to find out — drop in and ask!

I’ll be back soon to blog some more on our family updates and plans for the future. Things are moving along. We don’t know if we’ll have this baby here or in New Zealand, but God knows and it’s all under control.