New fireplace, July 2009

Last week we bought a new fireplace. There was really nothing wrong with the old combustion wood heater, which was already in the house when we bought this place, but it was small and inefficient. (And seeing as Queensland is so cold… 6 degrees C overnight…)

Well, there are fireplaces and there are fireplaces! This new heater is very efficient. It features several fan settings, which circulate the warm air throughout the house. We’ve noticed a great difference in how much more of the house is warmed by this fire, when compared to the old one. (Why didn’t we upgrade several years ago?) The warm air reaches into the playroom, our bedroom, the kitchen and living area. It burns steadily overnight without needing stoking, leaving very little ash in the morning.

Thankfully we still have a huge quantities of dry logs in storage from when we cut down all the trees in our backyard to make way for the shed. So we’ll keep working through those and stay warm this winter!