Today we drove up nearby “Tamborine Mountain“ to visit the Ps, whom we had recently caught up with at Easterfest. We drove up early to join them for their church service at the Presbyterian church and then shared lunch and a leisurely afternoon chatting.

Gary, June 2009
It was fabulous to catch up with Gary after his trip to the United States. He provided an interesting analysis of the differences between Australia Christians and American ones.

Libby, June 2009
Libby manages to keep a beautiful home while also homeschooling four children — she's one of those mythical mums.

J and Calista, 15 months old, June 2009
The older Philips girls took our girls and played with them all afternoon. I think Calista had a nap on J's lap.

David and I were able to connect with Gary and Libby. We were able to share at length about our future plans for our family, including leaving this suburbia and moving to a rural community. The Ps were very encouraging, having made the move themselves about six years ago.

Their circumstances have been very similar to us, although we’re about twelve years behind them. Gary is a tradesperson and continues to do odd jobs, and Libby homeschools her four kids. They express a very positive view of parenting and we’re inspired to keep treasuring our children through the so-called “difficult” years.