MONDAY: In the morning, I had to run an errand for David, so I drove to Ipswich and then headed to West End. After dropping something off at David’s work site, I stopped by Brisbane CBD and visited my workplace. It was fun to chat with colleagues again, but the girls deteriorated too rapidly for me to stay long. In the afternoon, Aïcha enjoyed a swim at the McC’s pool. (Two proper outings in one day!)

TUESDAY: I took the girls to the shops and then came home and cooked an elaborate lamb rack coated with almonds & currants. (Pity the oven didn’t work, at it was still raw when I served it…) But, hey, it’s the though that counts. I also made some cannelloni meals to freeze (a family favourite).

WEDNESDAY: I continued my bake-athon and made six dishes of lasagne to give away or freeze. This time, I asked a nearby friend if I could use her oven to bake them. At my mums’ group, I demonstrated the easiest recipe I know how to make (pancakes/crepes). 1 c flour + 1 c milk + 1 egg. Aïcha played with two boys who taught her how to “shoot” guns at people, but I don’t think she knew what she was supposed to be doing. She would just whisper “psst” while waving the pistol vaguely at the boys. However, she did like playing with “the boys”, and came several times to tell me what she was doing.

THURSDAY: A friend celebrated her first birthday, so a group of us got together for a pool party and general play. It was such a blast! Aïcha had her swimming lesson first and then we drove to A’s pool, so she played in the pool for most of the day. A ordered a platter from Subway, and if you ever have to cater for a small event, this is definitely the way to go — delicious!

Maybe tomorrow we’ll have a quiet day at home… or maybe not!

Aïcha enjoying cake, February 07
Happy birthday, D! We had so much fun at D's pool party. Aïcha ate the icing off her piece of cake and left the rest.

Lauren, Brioni & Aïcha, February 07
Aïcha has gained so much more confidence in the water. Here she is wearing an inflated vest, and she relies on it for buoyancy while she doggy paddles around quite freely.